Jan 2, 2012

A happy New Year and I welcome myself back..read on..

A New Post!!

Last year  I got my PhD (in Earth Science) and I turned 30. In that order. I defended my PhD the day before I turned 30. And I wanted to turn 30 since I was twenty one and I also wanted to get my PhD before I turned 30.

If that does not explain why I was not around in blogdom, I don't know what cuts it :) But if you thought that I gave up on food and cooking there could be nothing further from truth than that. In fact, I designed my sister's wedding menu. Yes freinds, I did that. I created turkish-Arab inspired menu for my sister and worked with the caterer/chef who prepared the dishes for a good 400 people.

It was a super hit!

May I now be excused? I am back and here to stay. I am glad to see so many new faces. so may new dishes and the blogdom bursting with aroma and flavors. Sure feels great to be back! 

Happy eating and healthy living!


ARLENE said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you on attaining your Ph D. Having earned one as well (Curriculum and Instruction), I know well how demanding the workload is. That you even THOUGHT about food would be time-consuming enough. I am glad you've returned to the world of blogging.

Anonymous said...

hello JW. A hAppy new year !... i'm your old friend Natalie from New York...not sure you remember me...I've pretty much given up blogging but do still pop by to read my fav blogs. OMG...congrats on accomplishing your PHD...thats simply amazing... and its also awesome to hear about your sisters wedding menu...keep up the good work girl and i will be around to check out your latest culinary creations :)