Sep 11, 2011

Baked Whole Mackarel--- Greek-asian fusion

I know you may not like Mackerel. Or, do I know that?  
It seems to me that there are not many takers for this fish, which is full of flavor (a bit like blue fish, for all you east coasters), is meaty and oily, cheap and what's best?  Very low in mercury and dirt cheap (3$ per fish--big ones)

What stops us from eating it? 
Unfamiliarity does bad things to an excellent and flavorful source of vitamins, omega 3. But worst, it refrains us from eating something delectable and good for the earth too (not many things are, you must agree)

Of course, there are some of us who eat it, love it and would like the rest of you to join us. For the records, the Japanese eat it (salt cured Sushi), the Spanish eat it and so does a fair number of people in India. I have heard the French do it too. 

I have done it many ways. 
However, this one recipe was based on a combination of a vegetarian recipe and a Bitman recipe. I chanced upon fortuitously in Lynn Allley's 'Vegetarian slow cooker' (I know) and got started in the kitchen.  The recipe balances out the stronger flavors of the Mackarel (which some people don't like that much, but I adore), but enhances the subtle ones. 

All I can say, in words of Mark Bittman is ' don't knock it until you have tried it'

2 whole mackarel-- cleaned.

For the marinade
3 cloves of garlic--slivered
1/2 tsp of freshly grated ginger
3-4 tbsf of soy sauce
A pinch of sugar
A bit of chilli flakes

For filling
Some thyme stems
2-3 thing rings of lemon
Salt and pepper
2-3 tbsf olive oil

In a shallow pan, or a baking tray, place the whole clean fish. Generously rub salt and pepper on all sides including within. Stuff the fish with lemon slices and Thyme springs. Score the fish i.e. cut 2-3 slices on one side. In a bowl mix together oil and all ingredients of the marinade. Spread all over the fish. Wait ten minuted

Bake for 20 min at 420F 
Slow cook for 20 min  (the gas burnet/heater is at the minimum setting). Follow by 5 min of very high cooking

Fish should be opaque for done-ness. Serve warm or immediately with some mashed potatoes and garden salad. Oh a bit of champagne may go really well.

Happy eating and healthy living.


The Japanese Redneck said...

I've never had mackerel..

Jhonny walker said...

well...why don't you Ramona? This recipe will get you glued :)