Sep 1, 2011

Hello World...


hope, you have been blogging furiously. Some day (soon, I hope!), I will have the time to mule over lost contacts, and missed recipes--over a cup of tea. But for now, all I can say is  glad to be back.

As I was writing, the words, 'HelloWorld' I happen to remember my first class in programming. That seems from a few light years back. But truly, was about ten years, maybe? Right after high school, this was a summerof idling away time. But, when you idle away way too much, time gets boring. How amazing is that? Something is alluring, only when you chase it ? I delegate that feeling to crazy teenage years.

Back to what I was saying. So yes, this class...a 30 days workshop so to say to learn Java. I remember nothing of the course. I have never after used Java. I did not even develop the fondness for programming, that this workshop promised to do (that was their big agenda!). Interestingly, of all the conversations I had with instructors, new and old friends, of the work that i did (and did not), of the innumerable coffee and tea sessions, strangely I remember only two words


The first senetence we were taught to write in that Java course. And of course, wverything else that followed always started with HelloWorld.

Those are still the only two words, I can think of when anyone says programming :)

Now, why did I tell this anecdote? I have to say, I can't recall a bit. Just the word Hello, I would have to presume. Isn't it dismally wonderful how two universal words like hello and world reminds me of the one thing I care (understand) little about? :)

Someone said, a long time back, a word only means so much as the meaning that is conveyed between the speaker and the spoken. I believe it. I believe you all will know that I do mean I am wonderfully happy to be back. After a summer that has been full of swirls, mochas, ices and heats.

Starting with a wonderfully simple Rissotto, that has no cream, just a dollop of butter

A cup of arborio/ small grain Rice. You can use any. I did with Jasmine.
1 cup of lentil, soaked overnight. The cooking time of lentil is longer than rice, so the pre soak
2.5 cups of warm chicken or vegetable broth. You can use pure water too
2 biggish onion
3 tbsf butter
Salt and Pepper
Parsley  and shredded cheese ( I like Gouda) for garnish

In a pot, add the rice, lentil and broth/water. Put on low heat and cover. Cook for 10 min. Meanwhile, gently brown the onion in butter. Add the butter and onion mixture to the cooking rice. Cover and cook for another 15 min, on very low heat (if you are afraid of burning the rice, just put the whole thing in the oven--check for plastic handles!-- at 300 for 40 min). The Lentil maybe a little textured, and the rice a bit mushy. But that's all right. Season with salt and pepper. Turn of heat and leave covered till you are ready to serve.
Garnish with some shredded gouda/ any cheese will do. Some parsley and a dash of lime juice.

Have with some poached eggs, quiche (if you like). Wine if its past 10 AM :)

Happy eating and healthy living!


The Japanese Redneck said...

The programming languages I learned are ancient....cobal, rpg....

the risotto sounds delicious

Murasaki Shikibu said...

Nice to see you're back. :)