May 18, 2011

A word about Pizza

As if... there was still even the remnants of a letter left to be said on this subject.

But even when the last of the very last words have been spoken--about anything, for that matter--- there still is the epilogue. So I, decide to write the epilogue for the age old ...Pizza.

No problems, I suppose?
You will have some in a minute..I promise :)

I was born a pizza hater. Ever since I heard the word Pizza, almost fifteen years ago, from a cousin who went to study food management....I knew, absolutely knew, I would not like it. And the first bite was almost my last, some fifteen years ago. Seven years later, when I first moved to the United States, I hated the smell of pizza. Stale drippy cheese 'topped' with some chunks of stuff which smelt equally stale and infinitely revolting. Hello! Domino's, Pizza Huts and Papa John's and all of you, I hope you are reading this post :)

I still do. I mean, hate the low cost-stale-smelling Pizza. Luckily, I was introduced, by sheer chance, to gourmet Pizza in the last couple of years. And here I must mention the wood fried, thin crust, mostly veggie pizza from Regent's Pizzeria in San Diego. Right by where I live. I still remember the first bite. Garlic, basil, tomato and light warm cheese and crusty edge. Me and R (a fellow pizza hater) had one of the best pizza that night. I was a convert from that moment.

Ever since that fatefully lucky nite,  I have been open to gourmet pizza. A world away from pizza. And yet there is no mistaking the pizzaness in these dressed up versions. Last week although, I discovered  two of the best gourmet pizza places I have had the chance of eating in. One of them is Oggi in Cambridge, MA and the other is ..I have to look that one up. But it is right in Harvard square. You cannot miss the queues in front of that store.

By no means the only two... as I have told you, I am open to a lot of them. But these are difficult to beat. 

Deliciousness in every cent of the 2.50$ a slice and flavor in every breath between the bites. Fresh ingredients. Really creative combination. They are gourmet without a price tag. I crave one of these every day. Not that I give in....but says much about the place when a pizza hater craves a bite.

If you are town and care for some good pizza...come by to these places. For an experience that is locally gourmet.

My favorite in both these places...or actually even in Regent's too is tomato, basil, roasted garlic and eggplant. Bit of red pepper flakes and some time on your hand. I have to say. An Indian from India, with no palette for pizza and cheese votes for the right to write an epilogue on Pizza :)

But then I started hating red of starting with the wrong food :) I meant foot, of course.

Happy eating and healthy living!

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Good pizza is worth the price.