May 12, 2011

All about Mushrooms

You heard right! lately it has all been about the fungus that tastes so rustically.... good

I know a lot of people who trashes mushrooms. The pretexts? No flavor, strange texture, fishy smell...the list is as endless as is baffling. Anyways, I seem to love this one. For all the reasons it is un justifiably hated. It has a subtle rustic flavor, that gets enhanced when lightly sauteed with fresh ingredients. The fresher the ingredients, the lighter the sauteeing and the more flavor you can build on it, the better it gets.

I have been having some form of mushroom for a couple of weeks now. Here is how it goes.

Usually it has capers, bell peppers, roma tomatoes, some bit of onion, a heavy dose of garlic and the best smelling Sicilian extra virgin olive oil. Sauteed on low heat for no more than a minute or two and had with tons of pepper, basil (or sage). With some crusty bread and smoked salmon (or canned sardines) on the side. A glass of red is always a great thing of course :)

Summer is here..and the bloom continues.

Happy eating and healthy living!

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