Jan 4, 2011

Sur la table-- a salt plate that serves a million needs

A very happy 2011...I guess is in order? :) :)

I can't help..absolutely can't help but reflect on how quickly the years go by. And it wasn't thaaat long ago when new years seemed well paced. I remembered events and non events making the space between two consequitive years. Now..they seem on top of each other. Years whizz by and it is only on the first of each year do we see-- for real-- the years that are passing as by. 

We are going faster and faster and faster...and yet we are going the same way to the same place in the same direction. I ask you guys today..can we pause for a heart beat to see and soak in the year that went by? I am a little afraid that we are missing out on a few things in our earnestness to go faster..

Did I just kill the mood for the new year..?

Fear not! This is a foodie here and with foodies around there are no mood killers.  So here is what I did in my new year to pause-- even turn back time. Aha! I got your attention here...haven't I?

Tada!! I got this fantastic salt plate for my December birthday from R! 

A salt plate cut from Himalayan salt slabs up  in Pakistan. Pink salt plates. And the best thing is this: each plate is hand cut and hence unique. Mine has a big crack and that's just that way it is :) And it turns pink and glowing once you put it on a flame. You can use it inside the oven and also to serve. A serveware- bakeware-cookware-grillware. With no technology but just a slab of salt. And oh it acts to season your food in its own unique saltly way. And no need to wash too! the salt is an antibiotic :)

Unique salt plate that reminded me of how someone back in the days may have discovered this little mine and ended up grilling food over open flame...but for the first time on that slat plate. And you know what..that is exactly what we did. Grilled fish with raw vegetables over open flame. Time did stop and home smelled off grilled fish over salt plate that has not seen any technology. It was glorious...

The smoke and smell sealed in the memories of 2010 while welcomin in 2011...leasurely. The way I and R like it
cheers and happy new year...here is to a slow languorous one :)


alison said...


Sayantani said...

wow thats a great piece of info. never heard of this. am off to check more about it.
Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

Susan said...

I am happy to read about the salt plate. I started studying about it this summer. I find it fascinating, but I have not seen one. I understand you can also freeze it and serve on it, like sushi, or something that needs to stay cold. Will be interested in hearing more about it.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Happy New Year!

I luv the pink color. Cool!!!

Terrianne, Call me Ree said...

Happy new Year! And you didn't kill the mood at all. I do agree we're living in times where taking a minute to pause and reflect and just breathe has fallen "out-of-fashion" and what a tragedy that is. Fear not, there are still many of us who understand the importance of doing so.

I love the salt plate! It's gorgeous. I'm not familiar with how they work. Are they reusable? Can they be washed?

What a lovely way to cook and present dishes.