Feb 1, 2011

A new blog!

A new blog is in order.

Okay..friends and long time supporters of this blog need to feel bad. For this blog, food.thought for is now going to become a weekly blog-- a post every Sunday morning-- featuring the usual. Stories, recipes and musings.

But starting today February first (mark your calenders) I will write another blog. A daily food blog featuring veggie and fruity side dishes, appetizers and desserts! No fuss, no rush, no grand ideas. Simple, unique  recipes that can be tweaked any which way. Even to accommodate your protein, should you need it terribly :)

The name is ...drumrollls please

A Veggie Roller coaster!!

Featuring daily recipes of a veggie side/appetizer etc.

The idea came from my garden. Yes, the one that I have been tending for the last 6 months and have now started reaping the bonanza. Herbs and produce. I feel I should and must share those recipes and flavors :) So here is what that garden, the produce and bounty of herbs look like :)
So see you all around and as always

Happy eating and healthy living!

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Cool. We luv gardens!