Jan 24, 2011

A dish for mondays-- fish in parsilade

It is monday..and there is no accounting for the rush and crush. Though I have yet to figure out what exactly it is about Monday, that hurries everyone and everything so. I have to say it must be something in the word itself. Quite frankly I like Mondays. I start to feel as if I have the whole week to complete everything.  Things that I haven't completed in the last week, the week before that one and in all the weeks I had so far in my memory. I get stressed on Friday's when I feel very unproductive and wish it was monday all over again :)

Of course after the wine and walks in the woods on Saturday :)

But yes Monday brings hope If it is rainy, wintery, flurry or plain old sunny..here is a dish that will wake you up to Monday and everyday of this week

Sepions a la Plancha-- French makes it sound simple, delectable and fresh :)

Make a mixture of  8 cloves of garlic, half a cup of parsley, half an onion ( finely chopped) salt, pepper and 3-4 tbsf oilve oil. On a dry skillet, throw in your small fish fillets, cuttle fishes or whatever variety of mollusks you are using. Let each side 'seal' (don't move around stuff) for 1-2 mins on the hot surface, before turning them. Let the other surface seal for another 1-2 mins. Transfer the sealed fillets on to a tray, add the mixture, also called parsilade, toss and broil on low for about 6-8 mins.

Have with wine

Your Mondays just got a little slowed down

Happy eating and healthy living!


The Japanese Redneck said...

This looks like it would help to cure the monday blahs....

RSA Online said...

Mmm, I'm stealing this dish and using it to cure my Wednesday blahs :)