Dec 10, 2010

Holiday spirit from across the ocean, of time and space :)

We are here..we are finally here. In the final and the best phase of food. The holiday season food marathon. I guess they mean it when they say, the best for the last.

And talking of marathons I love nothing more than a traditional Bengali food marathon. And somehow I feel its one of those marathons from which you can emerge feeling full and satiated..but not over weight :) But I may be biased. I said may :) :) :)

I love the holiday season. And even for a party shy person like me, I always manage to go to all the holiday parties I can. Its such a lovely feeling, even though at most of these parties, I don't even know everybody or sometimes even anybody! But the sight of happy faces lit even more by the warm candle lights, the aroma of good food, the sound of laughter and clinking wine glasses--reminds me so much of the festive season back home-- in west Bengal-- the part of India where I grew up. The rush to go home a couple of days before the real holiday, making and having good food with friends and is all so similar. Human spirit I guess is what science may call it. To me however, it is the joy that is so universal. And hence my love for holiday parties and seasons. 

Its home away from home  

It matters not what the specific ceremony is. Its the spirit and joy and feeling of sharing that I adore.

So this holiday season I am gonna do a bit of sharing of the festive spirit as it goes on in West Bengal. Around the beginning of fall. Also goes by the name Durga puja. But lets not talk of things that make similar occasions sound alien. Whatever the name is all about food, family, happiness and festivities. And as a foodie to another foodie, my interest lies in that F word we all love. :) Yes the food. In that part of India where I grew up, festivities come with food that is gorgeous, gourmet and yet flavorful and surprisingly, undecadant. And here is what a typical bengali festive dinner may look like.

And here is the plan...the next five posts leading up to christmas is gonna be one recipe from this marathon dinner. A course in every post. And by the time the bells chime and the snowman is ready and its christmas morning, I will have shared with you a very festive dinner, very far from here--oceans and rivers and mountains across- but reflecting feeling and emotions that are oh so similar :)

I hope to see you all the table..its gonna be fun I tell ya :)

Happy eating and healthy living..yes even if its the holiday season!!


Susan said...

Enjoy, enjoy!! And, thanks so much for thinking of all of us in that you are willing to share.

Mary said...

I'll be back for everyone of those post. I hope you are having a great day. Keep enjoying those parties :-). Blessings...Mary