Oct 5, 2010

The sheer decadance of chocolate in a pudding cake :)

Everybody has a way to get out of their blues.

Or so I have been told. For me there is just one thing. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. What is good about chocolate? Okay here is that list

1. Aroma.. of decadence
2. Taste. Bitter Bitter and a lil sweet
3. Flavor. That's how ebony tastes like
4. The color. Of wood, earth, coco, rain forests and nuts and roast. That's the color of brazil

And everything else that is chocolates. Its the only way to beat the blues right, left and center. 

Yesterday was a particularly gray day with blue feelings. And I made a chocolate pudding cake. And would you believe it if I told you that the sun is up and the blues are gone. I knew it. So next time is there is any blue in the horizon...beat with ebony that tastes a little bitter but takes you right into decadent bliss. All you go to do is bake with chocolate :)

Chocolate pudding cake. Adapted from Joy of Baking.

Have a small helping!

Happy eating and healthy living :)


Brenda said...

A small helping? Impossible! I used to make this years ago when I was first married but had forgotten all about it. Thanks for the reminder! :o)

The Japanese Redneck said...

Sorry you had the blues, but that chocolate pudding cake sure looks like it could beat them back any day!

Jhonny walker said...

Hi Ramona and Brenda,
glad that you both agree about the power of such good ol fashioned chocolate cakes :)