Apr 13, 2010

Cabbages from across the world

I have to say this. Again. And no matter how many times I say it..I feel I have to say it one more time. I love food blogdom. And not just getting to know so many foodies. But also so so many exotic combinations to try out. I cannot tell you how many ways I have learnt to improvise since I have started blogging.  An example to illustrate the point 

Take for instance, cabbage. I like it. It is useful. It can also get boring..made the same delicious way(s). And, without a little bit of external forcing so to speak, it is difficult to come by ideas to change it. I mean here i have been eating cabbage made the same ways since I was a baby. How much of variety can the mind bring about! Except when I read posts from people all over the globe who has been enjoying cabbage  their way over long times. But guess what that is new to me..and a couple of such posts...just a couple would be enough to get me ideas for a lifetime. And here in fooddom..there are multiple posts.

See my point? I am sure you do. Cos you are here as well :) 

I wanted to mention a couple of recipes I have tried out and both turned super good.  One from my good friend Trish of Mad chemist. She is such a baker. Her drool worthy stuff is the cakes and cookies. But occasionally she would come up with a twist in a curry that leaves me ...WTF..:) :) in a way which makes me ..how could I have not thought of it. But of course I could not think of it.  So here is one lovely twist to cabbage. Made with apple, onions and spices. It is amazing and can be totally enjoyed as a cold salad. This is my new love with cabbage :)

Thanks Trish...you are awesome :)

The second one is more south east asian. And that converts to saying yummy all the way. Another one of my friends who is a whizz in the kitchen. Sonia of Nasi lemak. Here is one thing I learnt from her cabbage recipe. Turmeric is such a powerful spice if used by itself. I never am really into turmeric as a stand alone spice. R would disagree. And I think, I will now agree that turmeric is a fantastic flavor, if used with the right food and in somewhat larger quantities. And this I learnt after spending my entire life in India where turmeric is such a dominant spice. It is difficulty to believe. But it is true. So this cabbage recipe of her's featuring cabbage and turmeric, is another one which added some more color and spice to my tryst with cabbages.

Thanks a zillion Sonia. 

Happy eating and healthy living!


Trish said...

oh wow...you are so kind my dear friend. Thanks for giving me a 'tip of the hat'. I come HERE for the SAME inspiration! Like watercress for instance...who would have thot!

The Japanese Redneck said...

I admit I'm one of those that eat cabbage the same few ways each time.

I like it sauteed with bacon. I also like it boiled and eaten with cornbread all mixed in with it. And about the only other way I use it is in eggrolls or coleslaw.

Kim said...

I agree with you that food blogging is awesome! Cabbage and apples are a fantastic combination.

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

I'm so happy you like this recipe, my family also love this veggie and it is good to eat more turmeric. Happy Cooking!!

Anncoo said...

Very pretty dish! Love turmeric.

Chow and Chatter said...

oh its wonderful how we all learn from each other, i need to make cabbage more

3 hungry tummies said...

cabbage and turmeric, best friends!

Murasaki Shikibu said...

Cabbages & turmeric is a combination I have never tried. I should try it. :)