Mar 29, 2010

The punch of potatoes-- a tangy twist to the potato salad

I know I know. This is completely unacceptable. Being around and not blogging. I meant, even to myself :) but then there's always this and always that..and then that needs to be done right before this..and the saga goes on...But that don't mean that kitchen was closed or nothing new was cooking. Multiple things, actually, has been made. And a couple worth posting. Not bad..what say?

Okay, during my recent travels to India, I had a dish. My grandmother's recipe, brilliantly executed by our cook of 18 years. And it features something.. we all like. In some form or the other. Baby potatoes. This entree is much like a potato salad, only really nicely flavored with oriental spices. Actually only a single spice. Cumin. And the way it is made is that the baby potatoes are cooked in a tangy sauce. I, not being the very patient type of course, tried using the same saucy idea to make a potato salad. And it was so so good and almost like the one I had at home. Only simpler to make. Lower calorie. All of that is important too. Given we don't exactly live in the same time when this dish used to be just an appetizer or a side dish...along with elaborate entrees, that took a good three hours to eat and a good three days to digest. And of course, calories...that is that heat generated per unit food burnt..right ? :)

No definitely that era is gone by. And hence my adaptation is more attuned to our needs :)

So without any more talk..straight to the food. Oh..did I tell you that the original dish is called,'The punch of potatoes'. In bengali it is simpler to say. 'Alur dom' :) Dom== punch, Alu= Potatoes. Fun fact. Now that I actually think about it :)


The amount obviously depends :) But I used the following

1 lb of baby potatoes. The smallest you can get. Halve them if they are even slightly big. I peel a little bit to allow penetration of the sauce. But feel free to keep the skin. No big deal.

1 tsp of whole cumin
2 tsp of ground cumin
A big pinch of turmeric. Optional. But use it for a healthier, colorful good option :)

4 tbsf yoghurt. You can use sour cream too for a tangier, creamier taste.
2 tbsf olive oil. Use extra virgin for health benefits. 
1 tbsf of any other oil. I use regular olive oil. Remember no frying the virgin

Salt to season
2 tbsf lemon juice. Optional

Cilantro for garnish. Optional.

What's to do in a salad..other than tossing!

There is nothing to do actually. Take the potatoes and put in a pan. Fill it up with water. Add a bit od salt. And bring things to a boil. ~ 15 min. Poke to see if they are done. Once done, drain the water and transfer it back to the still hot boiling pot. Drizzle the extra virgin (or whatever oil you are using) on top. And let it rest. Also poke the potatoes here are there. Allows for the warm oil and later the sauce to seep through. Meanwhile, while the potatoes take a rest, heat the 1 tbsf regular olive oil (or whatever oil you are using). Once hot, add the whole cumin and frry for no more than a couple of secs. no burning and destroying spices please :) Then add the rest of the cumin and turmeric. Fry for a few second. Let your nose guide you. ~ 5-7 secs. Lower heat and add the yoghurt and mix all of them together. Remember to lower heat before adding the yoghurt. High heat kills yoghurt. Keep sauting for a couple of minutes. Season with salt. 

Transfer the potatoes in the serving bowl. Pour the sauce all over the potatoes, nice and warm and oiled. Add the lemon juice. Toss together gently. You don't want broken potatoes. Let all of the things work together for a good 10 minutes. Garnish with cilantro. Serve warm.

A  tangy, smoky potato salad...a fantastic twist to your ordinary potato salad...and will be a great thing to serve for your starch requirements and comfort you in your blue days. The punch of will feel for sure :)

Happy eating and healthy living!


Catherine said...

Sounds good, I love this twist! Happy Monday!

Sanjana said...

Sounds great! I love the simplicity of it!

Kathleen said...

This sounds simple and delicious! YUM!

3 hungry tummies said...

This will taste so good at a picnic!

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

simple and healthy !!

The Japanese Redneck said...

I miss potatoes. They are not allowed on this diet.....

Jhonny walker said...

Hey guys

Thanks for liking this simple- to-make dish...I totally agree that it makes for a little different take on potato salad

Yasmeen said...

Love the cumin spice punch :D

Brownieville Girl said...

Oh this looks fantastic, I'm going to have the potatoes with the fish on your previous post within the next week - I'm hungry at the thought!!!