Nov 16, 2009

Cauliflower..or Gobi is it?

Finally there is a nip in the southern California air. Winter maybe, is finally around the corner?. And time for some hearty and flavorful dishes. Dishes that fill the house with some lovely aroma. Have you ever noticed that vapor coming off fresh cooked food?  The savory vapor just curls up from the pot and vanishes, literally into thin air. You can actually see this vapor- curling. But it ain't lost. It comes back as the aroma that makes everyone go hungry and happy. This is one big, important part, for me, of making savory dishes.

One of my favorite veggies is cauliflower.  Or is it Gobi, on this part of the Atlantic? Anyway its not the name I am after. It is the veggie that I love. I cannot believe I have neer written about it!  Amazingly underused. Yet so dynamic. So hearty. So flavorful. And full of good nutrition. Vitamin C, fiber . You name it. You have it. I wonder who introduced Cauliflower to the United states. To Wikipedia I go. And lo and behold it is mostly an European- Asian thing. That explains why I grew up with it and don't find it here almost ever. But fear not, it is there in the grocery stores and so anyone can have it...if they choose to :)

So if any of you who are not like me, its really time to get a taste of these flowers. You do know that Cauliflower is really a flower. Don't you? :)


A small cauliflower. It is good to start with a small one if you never really had it.
2 medium potatoes. Cubed.
2 big tomatoes. Chopped
A handful of peas. Thaw in hot water for 20 minutes if using frozen.

half a tbsf whole cumin
1 tsp grated ginger
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp sugar
1/3 rd tsp turmeric
1/3 tsp cayenne pepper. Optional. Use if you like heat in your food.

2 tbsf oil. Any is good.
4 cups of warm water
Salt to season

A few things to keep in mind

If you have never used cauiflower, there is a trick to cutting it. 

Remove all the green stalk that is at the bottom. Now, halve the cauliflower. You will see little stalk going outward from the central stem. And pull out each flower attached to the stalk. You can halve the real big ones. Wash and set aside.

Prepare your veggies

You need the potatoes and the cauliflower slightly softened before you use them in this dish. So best is to microwave on high for  3 minutes. Or you can actually soft fry your veggies with 1 tbsf oil in a civered pot for 5 minutes.

Either is good.

Now, lets do the cooking!

In a shallow  deep pot, heat  2 tbsf oil. When hot, add the whole cumin and the ginger and fry for ~ 15 secs. The aroma is lovely and killing. Add the prepared veggies  and mix in everything. Add the tomatoes, peas, coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric, cayenne pepper and sugar. Mix in everything. Stir for a minute. Add the water. Give everything one big stir. Cover and cook for 10 minutes or till veggies are cooked through. Season with salt.

And you are done. A hearty soup that can double up as main dish. Served over rice. Or perfectly great with good quality bread.

A great way to enjoy your crispy fall evening!

Happy eating and healthy living!


Nat said...

J this is lovely and LONG over due on your part i agree :) ! just never will believe this but I am planning on making Alu Gobi from my new JO book and so picked up a fresh head of cualiflower this morning : ) ...How Uncanny : ) ...

PS : I love that you've left the skins on the potato's...its the most healthyful part...excellent shot too...!

Murasaki Shikibu said...

Need to find a nice aubergine first now. It's going out of season so the last time I was shopping, they weren't looking too hot....but I will get there. :)

Cauliflowers are in I might end-up making today's recipe first!

Fairy Footprints said...

Oh this receipe looks delicious.
I enjoy coming by to visit and read all your wonderful receipes.

God bless,

The Japanese Redneck said...

I envision the wheels turning as you write. Very thoughtful.

I like cauliflower. Hubby doesn't care for it much.

Palidor said...

Yum! That's similar to my dad's aloo gobi. Cauliflower does seem underused, doesn't it? And it's too bad because it's quite versatile and tasty!

My Little Space said...

Cauliflower as always tasty good after cooking. It looks white and plain. Then you got the magical hand to turn it upside down! Wa-la!!! Cheers.

taste traveller said...

I find nothing but cauliflower & broccoli over here around this time of year. I just bought some on Saturday & was thinking of mashing it (substitute for potatoes) but an aloo gobi would also be wonderful.

sayantani said...

Hi thanks for dropping by my page. checked your page today have a good collection of recipes here. i love veggies and cauliflower during winter is something i love. we also keep the skin of the potatoes in season which we call new potatoes. this recipe truly brings in the flavors of winter.

Erica said...

What a great cauliflower dish! I love all the spices you use in your recipes :) I am always looking for new ways to cook cauliflower.

Wandering Coyote said...

Hey there! Thanks for commenting on ReTorte! I always enjoy hearing from new people!

Anncoo said...

To show my appreciation for your support, please pick the Award from my place.

Katherine Aucoin said...

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

Califlower is under used, but I sure like how you prepapred it. Always looking for a new twist on prepparing veggies!

Jhonny walker said...

Thanks to all the new people who stopped by. It is great to discover new blogs and awesome recipes

@ Ancoo: Thanks so much! I will proudly display the award on my blog!