Oct 6, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

I feel that as a chef (thats what I like to call myself...and I used to pretend to be one wearing a chef's hat, till I lost it), I sometimes come across as a inanimate person who likes to cook. Only. Well, it is true that I enjoy cooking a zillion times more than eating. In fact I find eating quite a chore and a bore and I wait till I am really hungry so that I can enjoy even parts of a meal.

What a mean thing to say in a food blog :)

But that said, I do have a few things which I will die for. And its time to list ten of them, in order of decreasing preference. What that means is very precise. If you had the thing, listed as no.1,  I would have to have it no matter what time of the day and what else is there or for that matter what mood I am in. And that follows for no. 2, 3...and so on. Boiling down to the fact that food to me is not so much about mood...they set the mood for me, when I see what I absolutely love.

So here goes...drum rolls please

1. Dark chocolate: The darker the better. Ranging from 70% to 90%. I am not such a fan of brands. Although I like some of the stone crushed, hand made ones and some from Trader's Joe. But generally speaking if its not too terrible, I can handle any dark chocolate. That feel good factor--the intense pleasure when the chocolate melts in your mouth and the bitter taste after that...Heaven is a place right there. And yes I can thrive on chocolate --every single day of my life.

Oh! lately, I am also liking dark chocolates with some nuts and a milk chocolate (by Lindt) spiked by chili flavor.

2. Ramen noodles: I can have it day in and day out. But of course, I make it so much more better .

3. Red Wine: Not crazy about any one type. I like em' all. Well mostly all. Pinot Noir's and Merlot -- I have a slight preference for. But nothing major.
Oh! here is a trick I have learnt from a winery I visited last winter. If you have some wine which is cheap (that is almost always for me) its  best to uncork it, cover the mouth with a tissue paper and leave it like that for at least a day before drinking it. The idea is that, air slowly oxidizes the tannin (the component which gives the stringent taste and the headache) and the wine 'ages' a bit. I have tried it. Works like magic.

4. Sushi: The lesser said the better.

5. Vegetable Samosa's: My eternal favorites. There is never a bad time of the day for these. As an undergrad, sometimes i would lunch on these. With a glass of orange juice. Oh lovely days...

....I am amazed. I could not recall in all honesty the next five things which would lure me like this. So that's it guys.

Happy eating and healthy living

ohhh I forget French Fries! up there somewhere between 4 and 5. My fave is the worst of the lot. Mc Donalds :)


Kim said...

Chocolate and pasta are some of my favorite things too. And, you should call yourself a chef :D

Fresh Local and Best said...

Funny, I know what you mean about cooking vs. eating. I love your top food list, I'm there with all of them as well.

lululu said...

these are all my to-die-for things too!

Sunshinemom said...

Some of these are my favourite things too:)

girlichef said...

This is a fun post! mmmmm, vegetable samosas sound so delicious right now! And dark chocolate and red wine are a couple of my favorite things, too :D (But I cannot stand McD's french fries!!)

ARLENE said...

I'm right there with you with dark chocolate--yes,darker! darker! and booze!--and veggie shumai. Ramen noodles...never; sushi...never! But that's what makes the world go round. I love to eat, but I do prefer cooking to eating, though you wouldn't know it by my eternal quest to lose weight.

The Japanese Redneck said...

My list would be: cheese, olives, pickles, soy sauce (use it on most things I eat) and rice


Jhonny walker said...

I love olives too...but I had very stringent criterions of selecting my favorites. So olives is not one of them. :(