Oct 22, 2009

Spinach with Garlic...with eggplants! and an award :)

I got an award. This is almost unbelievable. Thanks to  Rebecca of Chow and Chatter for giving it to me. And to all of you who encourage me so much :) Life wouldn't be the same without all of you!

I was so happy yesterday with the news, that I decided to make something. Turned out I could not think really well..so had to revert back to a tried-and-tasted-recipe. But..make no mistake. It is one of my very best! And I am sure, all of you like some variant or the other of this. It is a gourmet appetizer. It has featured on n number of shows. It is nothing else but garlic spinach!! Who does not like it? But..here is the thing with mine. It features an extra something..take a guess?

None coming?..:) :)

EggPlants!! my favorite. Actually, my mom used to make this very delectable dish from a particular variety of leafy green, found in West Bengal and eggplants. The green is called 'Kalmi'. Kind of like baby spinach but a bit more spicy. It is commonly used as a delectable leafy green in side dishes, mostly vegetarian in west bengal. But also as stuffing and for flavoring up breads. Sometimes in gourmet samosas too :)

Sometime back..I don't know quite why, I decided to combine both. Make garlic spinach..with eggplants. It turned out super good. And since then, the saga is on :) Takes literally 10 minutes to make and it is always a hit with anyone I have had the pleasure of serving. It also serves as a quickie veggie for dinner. And how good is spinach as a source of Iron. The very best.

So here it is...your 10 minutes to stardom :) :) :)


A few big handfuls of good quality baby spinach

4-5 cloves of garlic. Mash em. Go easy if it is too much. You can also substitute with ginger ( half a tsp). But then we will have to re name that dish :)

3 tbsp of good quality of extra virgin olive oil

1 Medium size eggplant cut into bite size chunks

Salt and pepper for seasoning

Almonds for garnish (optional)

Our time starts now!

In a deep non stick skillet, heat the oil. Once oil is hot, reduce heat and add the mashed garlic cloves. Saute for a minute or garlic browns up slightly. Add the eggplants, saute and cover. This allows for the eggplants to quickly cook through in very less oil. Keep checking and sauting to prevent burning of the eggplants. Do this for ~ 7-minutes. Once eggplant is cooked through, add the spinach. Saute for 1 minute. No longer. Longer for make the greens look less crunchy and dry the sauce. So if you want that effect, by all means, go for another couple. But I like it a bit saucy :) Add the nuts. Season with salt and pepper. Take it off the stove.

10 minutes and you are done!! You were keeping time..weren't you ? :) :)

Serve with anything. I like to have it with good red wine.

How good is the fusion..eggplants with baby spinach and garlic and olive oil. And the best thing is ..everybody goes.."hmmm this tastes familiar..but..."

Happy eating and healthy living! how colorful is this!!


Palidor said...

Congratulations on your award! That is awesome. And the veggies look awesome too. Cooking spinach with LOTS of garlic is one of my favorite ways. Now I can add some variety by adding eggplant!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Good going on your award. Congrats to you.

I like everything in your recipe.


Chow and Chatter said...

cool combo i make spinach like this next time I will add eggplant so happy to give you your first award the first of many lol

Fairy Footprints said...

Oh I love spinach and garlic, I have never tried eggplant, I swear honestly never, but it looks great and sounds great, and I could eat as much as I want woohoo who wouldnt want that? Thank you for visiting me today, the journey has been hard, but the end result I am almost there will be worth it in the end. I am glad you have all these delicious receipes it will allow me to stay on track with cooking healthy and living right. God bless you.


Nat said...

Congrats JW : ) ....Thats so wonderful...and your creation is the perfect celebration ! You really have a way with Vege's...and come up with these remarkable combo's. We eat loads of Egg Plant and Spinach...this would be lovely with the usual rice and curry... or even alone...or even with a nice naan, or even with a paratha...okay... I can think up so many ways to enjoy this...its a multi faceted dish. Thanks JW... you never cease to amaze me : )

Anncoo said...

Congrats on your award. You deserve :D

radha said...

Congratulations on the award. Would have liked to try this dish, but eggplant is banned at home. The family ( three of them) claim they are allergic to the vegetable. Maybe the next one... and thanks for dropping by.

Nat said...

JW ! I think you're on a roll now..., you've just recieved another award...at my place : ) ...!

Erica said...

Congratulations on your award!!!I got my first award from Rebecca too :)

Cathy said...

Congrats on your award! Love your blog!

taste traveller said...

Mmmm.... Another eggplant idea - they're everywhere in the stores right now & I think it'll stay that way for a while - good because there's so many ways still to try them.
Congratulations on the award!

Olga said...

Great combination of flavors!

Thanks for the comment on my POM drink :) I'm sure bacardi or vodka would definitely jazz it up!

Jhonny walker said...

@ Nat : OMG thank you soooo much. You are so encouraging!!

@Radha :- what a pity to have eggplants banned. One of my friend is that way. But you can sub with any veggie you want. Will be equally delish

@ Olga, Taste traveller and Cathy: Thanks so much