Oct 8, 2009

Cabbage tastes great...when cooked!

I like cabbages. Its very under appreciated as a cooked vegetable, although it makes for delicious recipes along with other veggies-- beans, eggplants, tomatoes. Its so very common in India. Yet I don't see it in any restaurants here. How come they don't? Its rich in fiber, great as a filler (if you are a vegetarian), and supremely flavorful. I can make a thousand of these dishes. Today, however, I am going to share one recipe of my grandmother's which can be a wonderful compliment to any dinner you are having.

So here you are


Half a head of a big cabbage- chopped finely.

Take the core off. Here is a neat trick of doing it. Halve the cabbage and again halve each of the two halves :). So you have four parts. Place each part on your cutting board with the cut surface on the board and the base towards you. Hold your knife at an angle such that it is dipping away from the base. Cut into the cabbage. The slice you have cut out is the core. Throw it out and chop up the rest :)

1 big eggplant:- chopped into bite size pieces

20 green beans- chopped into big pieces

1 big tomatoes- chopped up.
You can scoop out the seeds of the tomatoes and use the rest. That way you have all the flavors without the additions of extra moisture. 

1 tbsf grated ginger

1 tbsf Cumin powder

 1 tbsf sugar

1/4 th tsp turmeric (optional)
Did you know that turmeric does not do anything to the taste and flavor of a food? Its essentially a coloring agent with health benefits that can put to shame even the green tea. It fights cancer, aids everything. In fact it has also been shown to negate effects of preservatives used in meat and poultry. Still wanna throw it out? :)

2-3 tbsf of regular oil. Use whatever you have on hand

1/3 cup of water

Salt to taste

Here is how you do it!

Take a deep pot and heat the oil. Once oil is hot, reduce heat and drop the eggplants pieces. Saute for a few secs and cover. This allows cooking eggplants in minimal oil. Check up regularly, saute and cover. Continue this for 5-6 minutes. Once the eggplants are done ish...add the beans. Saute for a minute. Then add the cabbage.  Give everything a big stir. Cover and allow the cabbage to wilt. Give the pot a shake or a big stir once every minute. Continue for 5-6 minutes. Add the ginger, tomatoes, cumin (and turmeric if yo are using some) and sugar and give everything one or two big stirs. Cover and let things cook. Keep checking. 4-5 minutes. Add 1/3 rd a cup of water, give a stir and cover. Let cook through for 8- 10 minutes. Give the pot an occasional stir.

This stirring prevents things at the bottom from charring.

Season with salt-- give one final big stir. Wait a minute and take it off the stove.

Your veggie compliment is ready. It looks and tastes gorgeous guys!

Happy eating and healthy living!


The Japanese Redneck said...

Looks like a very simple healthy recipe. Thanks for sharing.


Nat said...

Looks so comforting and you're right... it is an excellent side dish ! I love the use of Nigella Seeds. & I did notice you have labeled it as being 'low calorie' -which is always a GOOD way to go ! :)

Fairy Footprints said...

Hi I love your blog. Thank you for visiting me today. I love healthy food, I have been dieting for nine months now and living healthy. Its the only way to survive.


Velva said...

I really like cabbage, I agree it is an under appreciated vegetable that is really quite versatile. The way you prepared it, is simple and as with most of your blog posts healthy! Of course delicious too.

Karine said...

I agree with you: in North America, we really don't cook and appreciate cabbage. It is sad because it seems a versatile ingredient.

I love the combo of flavors in your recipe: when there is ginger, I am always sold! :)

Diana said...

Agreed - cabbage is so underappreciated! And so mild when cooked. I love how I can buy one head of cabbage and use it for a bunch of recipes before I ever run out. I did that recently so there's been a ton of cabbage on my blog recently!