Sep 10, 2009

yay yay coco jumbo! yay yay yay

Many a times I have been asked, after a dinner---even if it involves just members of the household --how did I chance upon it. Or what is the starting point of the recipe. And honestly more often than not its just me looking at some ingredients in the cupboard, going, ' oh i think that and that might just totally work!'. And it usually does. And because I am not into any particular type of cuisine cooking-- I find it very easy to think, unhindered, by any strict combinations I have to follow! Its true that I find you can't go very wrong in your combinations e.g Mustard oil and paprika--is there any reason for this not to work? both are super flavorful and fragrant. You know what I will try this soon enough and keep you posted.
For now, here is one that I came up with. Apparently the chicken which was to last us a week was over --well almost--yesterday :(
1.5 lb of chicken. I get a whole chicken cut at the butcher's counter. Cut into small pieces. This allows easy penetration of flavors.
1.5 big onions chopped
2-3 cloves
2-3 green chili peppers. Seeded and veined and chopped
1 tbsf whole mustard seed--very very optional
half a cup of milk
1/3rd cup of water or chicken stalk
2-3 tbsf regular oil or olive oil--whatever you have on hand.
There are two mixtures to be used

1.5 tbsf garlic shreded
1 tbsf ginger shredded
half a tsp of chili flakes
1 tbsf cumin powder--- Mix all of it into a paste
No. 2

3 tbsf unsweetened coconut powder
2 tbsf mustard powder. You can try Dijon mustard too--Mix together.

Its simple--but pay a bit of attention

Heat oil in a non stick skillet. Deeper-- the better. You would  appreciate some space to move around  the stuff. When oil is hot, drop the onions and green chili peppers and saute till the onion is soft and translucent. ~ 3-4 minutes. Add paste no.1 (garlic-ginger-chili pepper flakes-cumin) and saute for ~ 2 min till you smell it all in the air. You are off to a good start!! 
Add the chicken and saute periodically to brown up nice and easy. Will take ~ 5-6 minutes. Add the paste no. 2 (coconut-mustard) and mix in carefully with the rest of the things in the skillet.  Throw in your cloves and whole mustard. Saute for another minute. Add 1/3rd a cup of water or chicken stock . Lower heat to low-medium and cover and let stand for ~10 minutes. Check periodically to move around the stuff to prevent over cooking/ burning.
Remove cover, increase heat to evaporate some of the water. Season with salt.
And You are Done! I know takes a bit of more attention that I like. But this was so experimental. I am thinking of an easier way to make this. Will keep you posted on that.
For now this is gorgeous. Serve with Nice bread or jasmine rice. You have them all on your side baby :)
Happy eating and healthy living!


Confessions of a dreamer said...

I'll admit I was a bit surprised to see a chicken recipe with MUSTARD!........but this seemed interesting and so I went for it.......and no regrets:) none at all..........i took it with tortillas.and tasted great!

Jhonny walker said...

:) :)