Sep 15, 2009

Un 'meat' Balls

Meatballs--everyone loves them. But wouldn't it be heavenly if we could all cut that grease (comes from deep frying) and the ungood (I just coined that one--after all Lewis carol coined ' unbirthday) things that are there in meat (calories and cholesterol to name a few). And also non-meat-eaters (Like me), who only thrive on chicken/turkey and fish, should not loose out on this one. I mean we are talking meatballs here :)
I have to admit that I picked up the concept from Rachel Ray (once again--Rach I love you). But its so  so so versatile--you can literally come up with your own combination. You can make these guys as great appetizers, to go into soups--anything.
Here is one way--I am just suggesting  a way to make these balls--without frying. You can put it into any soup you want. I like them as appetizers. In fact I eat so many of them that they become a full size meal by themselves. But that is for a small eater.
Ingredients: This is what is important

1 lb of ground lean meat- turkey, chicken, even fish will work great! I use chicken.
Herb- Lemon grass,  Oregano, Sage, Thyme, Dill, Rosemary--any fresh herb will go. If you are using fresh herbs, I recommend 12-15 leaves. For Rosemary--4-5 ( it has very strong flavor). If you are using dry powders, go for 2 tbsf. 1 tbsf for rosemary. I like fresh lemon grass or Oregano.
4-5 cloves of garlic--minced. You can substitute with 3 tbsf of garlic powder. Or lower if you don't have a palate for it.
1 tbsf grated ginger--optional

2 tbsf sweet paprika
Cilantro/ parsley--half a cup
1 big onion- chopped - optional

2 eggs
1 cup of bread crumb-- seasoned is fine. But I try to use un-seasoned.
1 tbsf all purpose flour
The flour, eggs and crumbs will gold your meat together.

1/2 tbsf red chili flakes- optional

2 tbsf  extra virgin olive oil---that much less oil!!
Salt and pepper to season
This is really easy

Mix all the ingredients and make them into an uniformly-ish  dough --but such that you can tell the herbs and onions etc. Use your hand. Get dirty in the kitchen. You will love how the texture of the food feels. Makes its so much more nicer. Go on try it :) you can bring in your friends, family, kids and get all dirty and smelly a bit. Its a get together in the kitchen right there!  Make golf size balls from the mixture--as many as you can. And place them on a slightly greased oven-proof tray.
Preheat the oven to 500F.
Place your tray for 25 minutes. If you are using fish, use no more than 12 minutes. Do not open the oven door. Take out the balls and you are done!!! Yes its true. Check it out.
Now, you can use it in your vegetable soup, tomato basil soup, simply by themselves as appetizers, mash em' up and you got your sammy fillers. Just so many ways you can use 'em

Happy eating and healthy living!


Trish said...

okay...I will wait for those pictures there! Grin. You know, I too love my little meatballs, keeping the meat lean and grease free can be challenging so I am always looking for new ways...interesting indeed.

Jhonny walker said...

Hey will prolly we a few days for those balls---but will keep you posted when they are here :) but its a great grease--no fat--well almost :)

Trish said... was worth the wait. it and will definitely have to try them...I love lemon grass too! Yummy. Too bad I have dinner already planned for tonight or I would be making these.'s beef for the 'man'...sigh. I relent. Grin. I was raised in 'beef country' but I am so a vegetarian at heart...even was for a good 8 years. Now chicken and fish have crept back into the diet with some beef. Every once in a while I treat the hubby to a filet mignon...that is on the dinner table tonight. For him,....too darn expensive anyway but one little piece - $8.00?!!!!! Grin. Oh well, I have asparagus and some yummy chowder as side dishes...that will more than do it for me. Oh ya...and I am not a noodle gal...isn't that extraordinary?! You make me laugh Jhonny. But my son would join you anyday for noodles. I think now that he is university that will be his mainstay...good thing I bought him a microwave to have in his dorm room :o) Thanks for letting me know you posted!