Sep 9, 2009


I am always--always at a loss for what I should be making as a filler in my sandwiches. I am a person who can do well on chicken breasts-lettuce-tomato-onion-mustard -on wheat bread sammies. But I enjoy my lunch so much more when I have yummy fillers inside those wheat breads. Last weekend I came up with one, which even surpassed my own expectations. Yet it was so simple. Sadly I made too little of it and now, its all gone :(
But the good thing about this recipe is that I can use it as a appetizer, snacks, on salads or just by itself if I feel like going very light on dinner or lunch. Which is often :) So, its a very versatile dish and you can add as many veggies as you like, you can substitute with any kind of meat. Its that simple, that good and that versatile :) 
check it out! and here is a recipe for at least 5 dishes-- or more if you do the math. 'Combination' is what they call :)
1 pound of ground chicken. You can use turkey. beef, lamb, pork or even fish you know.
3-4 cloves of garlic minced
1/3 tsf of unsalted butter. You can use Olive oil or a combination of butter and olive oil. Just try to go light on these.
1 large onion chopped.
1 mexican pepper chopped. You can also use bell pepper--green, yellow, red--its all good
1 large tomato.  Halve it. Scoop out the seeds and coarsely chop the rest. That way you drain out the watery part leaving the dish crunchy.
1 tbsf sweet paprika.
salt and pepper for seasoning
2 tbsf lemon juice
Parsley. You can use Cilantro or green onion  or both or all three. For me--the more the merrier. Finely chop them.
Here is how quick it is!
Melt the butter and/or olive oil. Add the garlic and the ground chicken. Do not move the chicken around till it browns up nice and easy. Will take ~ 3-4 mins. Move the chicken around after that and try breaking up the chicken while you are at it. Go slow though :) Add the peppers, and tomatoes, paprika, lemon juice and continue in the same way for a minute or so. Let stand for a few minutes and then give it a shake. This way the chicken soaks up some of those great juices while still cooking through. Go like this for ~ 10 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Add the Parsley and give it one big shake. Take it off the stove.
You are done!! and use it in any way you want. With salads, appetizers, as fillers in your bread--anything.
Happy eating and healthy living!

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