Sep 11, 2009

Easy does it-spotatoes

Have you felt like, something very very easy and simple, just does not have it in them to be awesome? I  feel like that sometimes. For example, swimming--it seems so relaxing that I find it difficult to believe that I am really working hard :) But 30 minutes into it and I am tired. I feel the same way about several tit bits I make. NOthing really thought provoking. Generally quick and  easy That it really cannot be super good. But I am often amazed at the importance people will place on them. And more often than not I find those 'unimpressive' dishes to vanish just like that! 
Now, one of my favorite things is potato. Yes Sire. Potatoes. Any  which way. And its so versatile. You can mash 'em up, fry' em up, toast it, grill it, bake it--it all turns out so good. And yet its really never a stand out by itself. Always the brides groom, never the bride? But that said, I have often come up with recipes with potatoes, which are stand alone by themselves. Can carry you through dinner without our more gourmet dishes.
So here is one-- 
1 tsp of all spice (what don't I cook with it!) you can substitute with whole mustard, fenugreek, Nigella, cloves and our good friend Garlic.
2 big potatoes sliced lengthwise.
4-5  green onions- chopped up
Half a tsp of turmeric
half a tsp of cayenne pepper--optional
3 tbsf of regular oil. You can use mustard oil (Found in Indian grocery stores-- adds a lovely flavor. But tame it down to 2 tbsf if you are  using mustard oil)
1/3rd cup of water.
Salt to season
This is super easy.
Heat the oil in a non stick skillet. When oil is hot, reduce heat, and drop the all spice or whatever substitution you are using. Wait ~5-6 secs for the aroma and then drop the potatoes, carefully. I am SCARED of oil that might squirt out. Here is quick tip:- soak the potato slices in water for 10 minutes before cooking. Dry them up and use them. Makes them crunchier and tastier.  Move the potato around and cover it for 5 minutes. Check regularly and move them around to prevent burning. When they look slightly cooked, add the turmeric, cayenne pepper and the water. Cover for ~  8-10 minutes-- always keep a watch. When the potatoes are done --you should be able to slide a knife through the pieces easily-- add the chopped green onion, ansd season with salt. And take it off the stove. 
Serve by itself, as a side dish in place of baked/ fried/ mashed potato. Its lovely and such difference from our regular ways of serving potato--almost a potato salad--just not that heavy. Or, can serve them as filler for your sammies for lunch..R has that.

Happy eating and healthy living!
Photograph by Ritayan Mitra

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