Sep 24, 2009

A cozy dinner--Rice and salad.

Making Rice , as I must have harped on for quite some time now, is always an issue with me. I am constantly on the look out for easy and interesting ways to make it. Given that I am from West Bengal , it is almost interesting that I am a bread person. Sourdough, wheat, rye, whole grain, french-- all of them! Any way, here is one really easy way of making a lovely rice--actually fried rice (yes again :)). But this time it was R who made it..and so I would be in violation here, had I been not been given permission to use the recipe in my blog :)

So here goes--another rice dish--but in another interesting, way :) Best had with a very simple garden salad. So two simple recipes here

1. Green onion flavored fried Rice


3/4 th cup of rice
half a tsp of grated garlic
1 tsp of olive oil
1 bunch of green onions
1 - 2 skinless boneless chicken breasts--chopped into bite size small pieces
 Salt and black pepper for seasoning

You can use veggies as well---but R did not use it. And I think it was great that way :) with the salad.

Here is what you do

In a pot , place the rice and fill it almost all the way up to the brim. And let the rice boil. Once done, strain it. This way of making rice has a health advantage-- when you strain the water you get rid of the starch-- the fattening carb rich part of rice. 

In a skillet, heat the oil and put the garlic in it. Saute for 30 secs or till it gives off aroma. Add half of the chopped green and saute for another minute. Add the chickens and keep sautéing for 5-7 minutes till meat gets white. Add the strained rice and keep sautéing. Finally add the remaining green onions, season with salt and pepper. Take it off the stove.

2. For the garden salad

1 cucumber- chopped
1 medium onion- chopped
1 big tomato- chopped into chunks
half a cup of cilantro or parsley- finely chopped
2 tbsf lime juice (fresh is best)
Salt to season

Mix all of the above in a big bowl and season with salt and pepper.  This salad  is  the salad you will have in India and in Israel too. Its amazing. Full of the good things and no dressing to compensate the lack of calories. Really tangy and refreshing.

The rice and the salad makes for a very healthy, flavorful, light dinner. Has all the components of a balanced meal. Prepared in less than half an hour. A great cozy dinner-- on your tired days.

Pictures forthcoming

Happy eating and healthy living!


Velva said...

I love rice! You provided us with a great simple and healthy meal. Thanks.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog.

I didn't know your tip for cooking rice. Since I like to cut carbs whenever possible, that's a great thing to know.

Sounds like a very easy and delicious meal.