Aug 31, 2009

Veggie potpouri!

Okay guys... veggie time!! With all the meat and fish, I am starting to feel guilty for including vegetables in the list :) Now, I have seen this- the moment I say 'vegetables', there is a very brief silence, followed by forced smiles and then followed by even more forced enthusiasm and reasonings how veggies are great for your body..familiar?. Ah yes.  If so this is possibly for you. For I can guarantee that this one quells all those expressions and possibly will be a bigger hit that your main dish. Okay  that was a bit  of  an exaggeration :) But really you will love this one.
Down to basics

You need:

A bunch of spinach
Half a eggplant- I used those thin chinese eggplants. I like the flavor of it
1 big green pepper
1 medium Red  Jalapeno pepper
3-4 large garlic cloves grated
3-4 tbsf of olive oil

And you do it this way

Cut the eggplant in small, bite size, squarish shapes. Heat olive oil in a skillet. Lower heat and add the eggplants. Now remember guys, eggplants love.. love... love to suck up all the can truly never give them enough. But we, don't want that.

So  here is the trick: lower the heat. Saute the eggplant pieces and cover quickly.

Check after every minute or so to make sure that you are not burning the eggplants. This will take about 4-5 minutes. Once the eggplant is soft, increase the heat to medium and add the green pepper (slice it, chop it..its your dish!), jalapeno pepper (chopped) and garlic and saute for a minute. Add the spinach and wilt it down. Will take a minute or less. Then lower the heat and let cook for 5 minutes occasionally stirring it. The spinach will release its water. Wait for the water to almost dry up..but not entirely. Season with salt.

Serve with bread. Can be used by itself or will be great as a topping

When I was  a kid, my grandmom used to make me and my sister a dish of spinach--on the sweet side with green peas-- I hated it. I hated the guts of spinach. Till I chanced upon this food with spinach sautéed in garlic and olive oil. And ever since there was no looking back. I have used so many veggies to go with this combination. And all of them have turned out great. This one was the best though. Colorful and green and so many flavors going around it.

Is that pretty or wat ? :)

Happy eating and healthy living!


Confessions of a dreamer said...

I have never been able to cook spinach matter what i do it ends up in a green salty mush....But thanks to your recipe I am finally able to cook it properly.....and the best part is it takes just 10 minutes or so and looks colorful too......and who doesn't want a dish that tastes great and looks great too......Thanks so much for an awesome recipe!!!

Jhonny walker said...

you are very welcome :)