Aug 27, 2009

Tips on some good Chicken least preping

 Okay...a few things I have picked up about Chicken over the years

1. I try NOT to put the Chicken in the deep freezer of the refrigerator if I plan to cook it within a couple of days. I usually leave it in the refrigerator. Keeps the flesh soft and helps  me get juices/marinade etc into the flesh in a shorter time.

2. If Chicken has been in the freezer I try to take it out and leave it in the refrigerator for a 2-3 days before cooking it .  Same reason

3. If I do have to prepare something over a short notice ( like a rush dinner planned in the morning), I take the Chicken out of the freezer and place it in a bowl of water and then I  put the whole thing in the refrigerator in the morning. Its soft and ready to go by evening. A bit of extra work in the morning though.
Of course if you can buy some on your way back home. Easier.

4. I try to buy Chicken with skin and bones. I peel off the skin after the chicken has thawed...adds an extra layer of flavor without adding all that fat.
And saves you a few bucks!

5. Other than stir fry I prefer Chicken with bones..again for all that great flavor.

6. I try to buy whole Chicken from Whole Foods and have the friendly butcher chop it up for me. They do a Lovely job and sometimes the chicken comes at 1.29$/ pound!

7. While cooking Chicken I add salt at the very last. Helps browning the chicken over a skillet or even in the oven.

Thats yearrrss of wisdom..years.. in less than 10 sentences..the Cosmopolitan style :) By the way I love that magazine. Cosmo can check out the subscription details..but guys you can do better with the sex tips...seriously sex in the shower???

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