Aug 26, 2009

Corn on the grill

Ever thought of grilling corn? There is a charred feel to it that is very different. In India its a common snack during the corn season..I know its sometime in nov-dec (is that even right?). But hey! why are we even talking of seasons when all we want to do is grill corn!

In India people usually grill it over an open charcoal oven. And the charcoal imparts a rustic flavor to it. During my adolescence I was a sucker for those. Somehow when my mom would do the same at never tasted the same. I suppose it lacked the outdoorsy aroma :)

So these days I am back at that. After an hour or so at the Gym, I am ravenous. R likes to have dinner a bit late. So I would die if I have to wait another two hours to get to food. Corn comes to a flavorful rescue.


1. Corn-- preferably an young one.
2. 1/4 tsp of oil
There is a trick here --any oil would do. Depending on the type of flavor you like, you can use olive oil, regular vegetable oil..whatever you want. But if you really like strong flavors like I do, you want to use mustard oil which you find in Indian groceries.It's not that expensive.  Anything goes..that goes well :)
3. A pinch of salt
4. Lime wedges

How to put these things together

Take of all the castings etc of the corn. Get it real clean. Coat it lightly with whatever oil you are using.
If you are using a charcoal oven or a grill (all fancy and jazzy) use that. For the rest of us, who are HUNGRY, use your regular open flame gas. Beware of a popping noise when the corn grills. Keep an eye out so that you don't burn the corn. And for those, who like me are hungry and hate open flames, there is our dear lovable oven.  Place the oil coated corn on a oven -proof tray. Broil at high for  8-10 minutes turning the corn in the tray after 2-3 minutes on each side.

Take the corn out of wherever you were making it and let it cool for just under a minute. Take the lime wedges and scoop a bit of salt and rub it all over your corn. And you have a slightly charred, awfully flavorful, perfectly healthy snack ready in 10 minutes! and your hunger is a notch up now.

It goes well with tea, coffee, any cocktail, wine..I have tried it with everything and its yummy. You can even make several together and serve it as a starter for parties.
Can't wait for the evening hunger pang to strike me...and there is a corn that is in the refrigerator...hmmm

By the way the liquid Nitrogen is back to lab! Will put up a picture  if I can manage to take one without finishing the corn.

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